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Oporto Questions and Answers

Questions & Answers

How can I reserve my place?

First of all you must choose the workshop you desire to attend and make double click on it.

In this page you will find a shortcut for registration and pay through Paypal or if you prefer, you can also make a bank deposit.

What should I take?

The camera and memory cards are compulsory elements to make the most of this workshop.

You can also bring for yourself, targets, card reader, flashes, led lights, laptop, etc.

We recommend you dress in layers, because the workshop will take place in different places and the temperature can change.

To whom is this workshop directed to?

 The workshop is directed to:

* Photography student interested in starting a business in wedding photography.

* Photographers who want to expand in the wedding market.

* Wedding photographers who wants to increase their business.

* Wedding photographers who wish to wide their creative capacities.

Is accommodation and food included?

No, you are free to bring your beverages and snacks. Later, nearby sites will be provided, to provide meals and a list of hotels near the workshop.

What if I have to cancel?

Once reserved your place is blocked for you, so we can´t refund because of limited number of members and available seating. Once a seat is reserved, it’s not available for anyone else.

Where will the workshop be located?

The workshop will be held in facilities Floricolor. The practical sessions will be held in the city of Oporto.

At the end of this page you will find the address and contact details.

Can I use any image obtained in the workshop?

The student have the right to use any image obtained within the workshop for a private use on webs, blogs or social networks, as long as it makes reference to the workshop, but these images cannot be used in photograph competitions. The model´s contract will not be provided to the students.

In which language will the workshop be imparted?

Portuguese and Spanish. There is the possibility of translation into English.


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