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Grand Imaging Awards 2012


PPA Grand Imaging Award 2012


Jose Luis Guardia Winner of the PPA Grand Imaging Award 2012


United States National Award

 Professional Photographers of America (PPA)

Jose Luis Guardia ganador del PPA Grand Imaging Award 2012

Winners of the 1st, 2sd & 3rd Place in Wedding at the USA National Award

Jose Luis Guardia Winner of the PPA Grand Imaging Award 2012

 Jose Luis Guardia Winner of the PPA Grand Imaging Award 2012


Every year the National American Association, Professional Photographer of America, PPA, one of the most influential and prestigious photographic association the planet, and the most important in the United States, celebrated its annual Grand National Prize, or as they refer to it, Grand Imaging Awards.

PPA is the association with the largest number of affiliates in the all the world, with more than 24,000 members of some 54 countries. There are members in Canada, Japan, China, Korea and Australia, and its educational model, has served as inspiration to other national photographic organizations.


Jose Luis Guardia winner PPA Grand Imaging Awards

Jose Luis Guardia Winner of the United States National Award of Photography in Wedding


This contest, is one of the largest as a count to participation in the world, as there is more than 5,000 photographs coming from a large sum of countries, all of which all participating photos in competition, only 500 earned the right to go through to the final, these automatically became to form part of the prestigious “Collection of Honor of PPA 2012”, the PPA Loan Collection. This selection of photographs, are to be published in a very inspiring annual book of all the photos of the world, as it serves as inspiration and creation of tendencies towards an image of the world.


Jose Luis Guardia Winner of the PPA Grand Imaging Award 2012

First Prize winning photograph in wedding, in the PPA Grand Imaging Award 2012


In the grand prize awards, this year celebrated in New Orleans, the  10 best photographs of the continent in each category were announced (wedding, commercial, portrait..) Jose Luis Guardia Peinado being one of the stars of the night, obtaining  two of the three big prizes, Jose Luis was the winner of the first and third place in the Wedding category, a triumph which had never happened in this world wide event. In the same ceremony he also received the Platinum Medal of the PPA,  as a recognition of his photographic class and quality. A great honor, of which very few photographers have obtained, and the only European to date that actually has it.


Jose Luis Guardia winner of PPA Grand Imaging Awards

Third Prize-winning photograph in Wedding, in the 2012 Grand Imaging Awards


The Grand Imaging Award of the PPA, is the United States National Prize, and is the most important prize on the American continent. But this isn´t the first time a man from Spain has one this prestigious award, as Jose Luis Guardia Vazquez was a winner in the past 2011 edition, winning second place in “Wedding”.


Jose Luis Guardia ganador del PPA Grand Imaging Awards

Second Prize winning photograph in Wedding, in the 2011 PPA Grand Imaging Awards


For the second consecutive year running the Xpression International studio, has been a winner in this important contest. With these triumphs, this studio converts itself to being the only one in the world to have won the first three positions in this amazing award.


JXpression International winner the PPA 2012 Grand Imaging Awards

First, second and third place, the PPA 2012 Grand Imaging Awards

This new and important success, reaffirms the previous winner of the WPPI Photographer of the Year, a award in the international path received in Las Vegas and the MPA International Photographer of the Year, Best international photographer of 2011”, won in the last “ Photography Oscars”. Without forgetting being recognized as the Photographer of the Year in England, Europe and the United States.

But without a doubt the best and largest of our acknowledgements is that in the name of Spain,  in first place in the world of photography at a global level



Jose Luis Guardia Winner of the PPA Grand Imaging Award 2012

© Xpression International 2012


Kwintowski Photographyseptiembre 20, 2012 - 12:45 am

Beautiful Work – A Well Deserved Congratulations from Aus!