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Master QEP

Master QEP

Jose Luis Guardia sr and jr Master QEP


Grand Master Photographic in Europe – Wedding  and Architecture

Federation of European Photographers (FEP)


One of the most distinguished honors in Europe, reserved only for the outstanding photographers

The Master Qualified European Photographer (MQEP) Certificate is reserved for the best QEP holders. To date only 38 Top European Photographers have received a Master degree for their supreme quality.

Jose Luis Guardia Peinado is the only master in Spain that has earned this honor with Wedding Photography and  Jose Luis Guardia Vazquez, is the only master in Spain that has achieved this great honor whith Architecture Photography.

Jose Luis Guardia Peinado MQEP
Jose Luis Guardia Vazquez MQEP


Click on the certificates to see the Master QEP Jose Luis Guardia Peinado and Jose Luis Guardia Vazquez in the FEP website

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